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Piggy breaks the Debt

Written by manager

A pot-bellied pig,LuLu is sure to have returned all the favors by saving her Master’s life after the latter,Ann Altsman, fell unconscious.

It all happened in Woods of Presque Isle, Pennsylvania while the two were vacationing. As Ann Altsman fell unconscious, LuLu realized the urgency of the matter and being the only other living creature, rushed out for help. She lay in the middle of the road hoping for a vehicle to stop by. None did and so LuLu changed course.

The change seemed to work as a Citizen stopped to check on the poor soul. As he approached closer, LuLu guided him to the destination. The Passer contacted 911 and thus Ann was rescued.

Well, the Animal emerged to be smarter than most of us, atleast me. Bet, I would have started crying rather than going out to plead for help. But who goes vacationing with his pet? I mean animals can be taken on tours but there must be someone you could talk to. Imagine,if you die, a pig won’t buy you a casket.

The story relighted my own memoirs with my Pig Champ. I miss him so dearly. This could be us Champ, but I just love Bacon. Hope you are in a much better place.

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