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Animal Abuse

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A 49 year old Colorado woman,Georgia Moody, is facing the heat, being registered under 13 charges for keeping 12 dogs in pitiful squalor place.She is being held in the Natrona County Detention Center on $2,500 bond.

It all happened after a responsible citizen contacted the officials,sensing a Dog in an unattended Trailer attached to a Jeep. Upon their arrival, the officials sensed something fishy thanks to the rotten smell that arose from the trailer. The broke in and what they found was intensely painful,unimaginable indeed.

There were 12 Dogs in 4 crates, one laden over another. All of them look malnourished with one being reduced by a neck. Most had faeces and urine over their faces and that accounts for the intensity surrounding the smell.Eyewitnesses report the deadly combo to be sweeping down! Who wants a lick?. Being honest,there ain’t much differences in faeces and faces to be honest. Just an ‘e’!

Luckily the Police found a resume that led them to the satanic lady.Seems to me, she went too ahead in ‘treating dogs like humans’. Here she is:

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