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Alcoholic Pig

Written by manager

There is a funny alcoholic pig in Mexico, The seemingly thirsty pig drank three bottles of beer in a few minutes, this true funny video was took and uploaded to the Internet.This pig cleverly picked up an empty bottle and found no wine inside, and threw the bottle on the ground. A person gave a bottle of wine to the pig, the pig drank it in a few seconds, and then once again thrown the bottle to the ground, and looking for other bottles, It found a bottle next to a drunk man, and picked up the bottle and drank it.There was no bottle nearby, and the pig was waiting in silence until the audience cheerfully opened his beer to the pig. The pig drank it in a minute. The pig drank 3 bottles of wine in few minutes, but it seems that the alcoholic pig still want more beer, it picked up the bottle on the ground, to confirm whether there is more wine inside.

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