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Gorilla Bath

The above picture portrays Zolo the Gorilla having fun while spinning around water in Dallas Zoo, USA. Oh dude, he does look super excited. Don’t remember such emotions coming out of me while bathing. if the water is too hot, you  sail,smoothly, to some burns and if it’s too cold, you feel the icy cover. Keeping it moderate is like calming up a frowned girl:impossible. But yeah take some inspiration. Bath at least once each year. I can really smell you from here, thousands of kms away and my nostrils are raging in fire. Oh, sorry, it’s me. Haven’t had a bath since eternity. Okay, let me go have a shower, stay tuned I will be back! Hey, I am back!Does anyone know how to operate the shower? Do I have to go through a Diploma for this?

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