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Saddest dog on Internet


This is the saddest  video you will come across  the internet today. This loyal dog is not ready leave his dead master alone,  he hopes she will come back somehow  :(.

There are incredible examples of the loyalty dogs have shown to their human and animal friends.

Some people would say dog are loyal just because they depend on us for food and shelter, so they have to be nice to us. But when you see how dogs react when their humans and canine friends come back after they’ve been gone for a long time or when they don’t come back at all, you know it’s about more than food.

Dogs are pack animals. They want to belong to a pack, whether it’s made up of dogs or humans, or pretty much any animal. You can look at these Unlikely Animal Friends videos to see all the different kinds of friends that dogs will make. Dogs aren’t loners. When they lose a member of a pack, even temporarily, they feel that a part of them is missing.

The friendship between man and dog has gone back thousands of years. Dogs didn’t become “man’s best friend” for no reason. They give us unconditional love every day.

My question is, do we deserve it? I see too many stories of dogs being mistreated, dogs being made to fight, dogs being overbred for profit, dogs being killed because they don’t have homes.
Dogs have been loyal to us. It’s time we return the favor.
Article taken from Cesar Milan’s official websitet

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